Ioana Chiorean

How metrics motivate people

"There has never been a more important time for the recognition industry to make the connection between business objectives and employee recognition programs, and metrics are critical to proving that connection.” (Jennifer Lumba)

Ioana Chiorean, FLOSS Community Metrics meeting, January 28th 2016

Reps Program

  • Represent Mozilla in local or specific communities.
  • Have access to several tools: budgets, swag, informations etc.

Reps Weekly Call

  • Sharing news from Mozilla MoCo/MoFo to Reps: new programs, new changes etc
  • Sharing info from Reps to to Mozilla World: local big events, new campaigns started etc.
  • Any other news/feedback/ideas
  • Each Thursday, 4 UTC

Why metrics can help more…

  • Just because you are Rep you must attend the call

How the calls developed

  • So we started - 1h weekly calls
  • Some agenda
  • Regular reminders
  • .. not much awareness

Wind of change

  • New owners
  • Community driven
  • Shorter
  • More engaged - community owned parts


  • We have a backlog of speackers
  • We promoted it more between employees
  • Ask for feedback
  • Notes. Notes everywhere/li>

Winter has come..

  • More people attended

Measure the Correct Things

  • .. we wanted participation
  • 1) More people
  • 2) More engagement
  • 3) Community owned

Review and Reward

  • Status of progress
  • Status of relevancy
  • Know how to share the experience
  • Public recognition - shout outs -> tweets
  • Personal invitation to present

What will we measure next?

  • Timezones
  • Other owners ..


Red panda (Firefox)
Photo by Yortw